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Back-Up Power for Intersections

Keep your Intersections

Running During Outages

A dark traffic signal intersection can be a real challenge. Not only does it impede traffic flow, but it also creates significant safety concerns for drivers and pedestrians.

Whether it’s from rolling blackouts, Utility Public Safety Planned Shutdowns (PSPS), the aging U.S. grid, wildfires, weather or other factors, power outages are happening much more frequently and lasting longer in duration.

50% of accidents occur at or near intersections.
When the power goes out that number can climb.


HyMAX Fuel Cell Advantages

net zero

Zero Emission Power Generator

Fuels cells are certified by the California Air Resource Board as zero-emissions power generators.

Minimal Maintenance

The HyMax is air-cooled with no moving parts, therefore the only preventive maintenance is cleaning or changing the air filters once a year.

Long-Lasting Green Power

Keep traffic moving safely with days of runtime to power your intersections and ITS applications.

Meet HyMax

HyMax Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cabinet for Traffic Backup intersection power.

Powering the Future with Safety in Mind

For over 50 years, industries have safely produced, stored, transported and used hydrogen. It has a safety record comparable to or better than gasoline or natural gas.  Due to its lightness, hydrogen rises quickly in the atmosphere, moving at a speed of 45 mph (20m/s) or 2,100 cubic feet per minute (60,000 l/min) in the event of a leak. This prevents it from pooling and causing an explosion, instead allowing it to dissipate or burn quickly.

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